It’s a Plague of Biblical Purportions!

 Ok, maybe not Biblical… but I do feel I know how Pharaoh felt when Moses would pay a visit! 

It’s spring. It’s been spring for a while here in Florida… So the gardening has begun.  This year I have taken on a pretty big project, in the form of a courtyard at my home’s entrance. I’ve been weeding, re-shaping and sizing beds (flower and herb) and plotting out a patio. Things are moving along nicely when all-of-a-sudden WHAM!  The Plague of Grasshoppers!!!  They are everywhere…. Hundreds of the little black interlopers. Baby grasshoppers eating everything in sight! So my first instinct is to stomp- and stomp I did.  *If you are a die-hard animal fan, this blog might not be for you, this time. It isn’t for my dear friend Elisa, who was visibly shocked when I said I squished a grasshopper. I guess she expected me to escort them out the gate and wave cheerfully goodbye, as they hopped into the neighbor’s yard. 

That’s not what happened, at all. I have a deep appreciation for all of God’s creatures, as long as they stay out of my garden, flowers, and house… So, after what looked like River Dance for the inebriated, most of the pests were gone- or so I thought. 

  Next morning… same scenario. Little black garden eaters all over my beautiful courtyard. This time, however, I was prepared. The evening before, I did a little research on my unwanted guests. I found several products and techniques that would help eradicate them. So I whip out the Sevin spray, the organic tonic, and a whole flat of marigolds. (Oh, and stomping is good too) Spray the Sevin enough to kill the ones I see, put the tonic on to help protect from the sneaky ones who are hiding, and planted all 36 marigold plants.  Take THAT  you  gluttonous little pests! 

Next morning, I saw four grasshoppers- just four.  Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp and done. I’m thankful to Sevin, to tonic, I love my marigolds and am glad to be done showing off my fancy footwork for the neighbors. Now, If only I could get rid of that Armadillo!!!

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