About JewelryEnthusiast

I am a fairly new entrepreneur… Approximately five years ago, I began training as a wire jewelry artist. I have since opened my business- BR-Adornments. It began as an online store, br-adornments.com, but has grown quickly, and I now hold jewelry “Open Houses” in clients’ homes, show in local Galleries and compete in art shows, having won awards in some. In 2010 I attended The Penn Foster School, studying Jewelry repair and Design. In addition I have taken many private courses including wire wrapping from Dale “Cougar” Armstrong. My company strives to be as “green” as possible, using precious metals, natural gemstones, recycled paper products and more.

At the age of 49, I was widowed. We had been married 23 years and have three great kids, all teens and up… Being Widowed hasn’t been fun or easy, I’ll admit. However, my husband didn’t marry a wallflower or a quitter so, I am rising to the challenge. I don’t do it alone. I have tremendous faith to see me through. God and I go way back. Everyday I am amazed at what He’s done for me since my husband died. I was amazed before, but now I am doubly amazed at how He stays with us all the way.

I am also a member of Second Firsts. An organization for those who are starting over after loss. Founder, Christina Rasmussen has been a wonderful mentor and friend to me in my journey.

So now I design jewelry, shuffle the kids to college classes, and jobs. I work on my 75 yr old house (we moved in 20 years ago and aren’t quite done yet!)  I write this blog, am working on two books and am involved in several community activities.


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