I am learning so much!

Checkerboard cut Lemon Quartz

Checkerboard cut Lemon Quartz

Through a pure stroke of luck ( Thank you Christina Rasmussen from Second Firsts) I am taking a two-week course for Transformational Writers. The event is created and hosted by Christine Kloser, author and inventor of the word “transformational writer”… I am learning how to be a better writer and how to publish my books once they are more than just my most recent idea. This is like school on super fast forward. Christine K. used a great description of this two-week session. She said ” It’s kind of like drinking from a fire hose”. I agree! Lots of information coming at me and my 50+ brain at hyper speed. It’s a lot, but I love it!
So, I’m learning about publishing, and promoting and about myself. This is a brand new world and a brand new lesson. Bring it on.

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