The Scoop on Argentium-Feature of the Month- September 2013

Each month I will be featuring a tool, item, person etc… that is part of my everyday life as a Wire Jewelry Artist. This  short article is the first of what I hope to be, many more informative posts. Thanks for reading.

Feature of the Month;

“If Silver is the new Gold… Argentium is the new Silver” (Argentium International)
Argentium is always purer than traditional sterling silver. It requires no coating to maintain its natural shine. Plating is prone to wear and tear and is commonly used on silver items . Argentium is the natural colour of pure silver through and through.
Argentium silver is low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to clean. It is resistant to tarnish. It does not contain nickel.
This is the purest, whitest and lowest-maintenance product in its class..Argentium silver alloys are nickel-free.
*Argentium will be exhibiting this September at. . .
Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in association with Legor Group – South East Asia from 6-10 Sept 13
Hong Kong Gems & Jewelry Fair 11-15 Sep 13
Asia World Expo
*Credit…Argentium International

Example of Argentium wire used in custom jewelry piece.

Example of Argentium wire used in custom jewelry piece.

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