Getting to work, maybe…or… all the crazy things that happened on the highway this morning!

While driving my son to his job this morning we found ourselves behind a certain form of public transportation…you know the one, for senior citizens. My own mother rides this type of bus regularly. I had no sooner finished telling my son how unimpressed I had been in the past with the driving capabilities of said transportation engineers, when this particular public servant decided to defy the Pauli exclusion principle which states that ” no two particles can occupy the same quantum state”. In other words, he decided to pull over into the space I was driving in! So, a little laying on the horn ensued and he moved over. He rode the center line the rest of the way down the road until there happened to be a huge space and then, after smartly using a turn signal, changed lanes.
Oh were this my only near miss this lovely morning… After dropping my offspring at his place of employment, I turned back around through town and headed to my own. The sun is shining, I’m listening to one of my favorite Contemporary Christian stations on the radio and I notice the driver in front of me is going quite slowly. We eventually approach a stop light and when it turns green again she decides she wants to see what the car in front of her is doing and she simply pulls off the shoulder and looks! Wow! Back on the road and on her way up the highway she goes. Being a little unsure of this tactic, I go around her.
Thinking I am good to go, I continue singing along to the radio and driving down the road until I notice the car behind me. There is a young woman who must have three hands! She must! I say this because she is smoking a cigarette with one hand, talking on her phone with another and applying eye makeup with what must be a third. Well, she does finally throw the smoke out the window -yuck- so she is down to two functions (maybe the car is on auto pilot) . There she is talking, and applying all kinds of beauty products while driving…behind me! Yikes! A little quick thinking on my part and I tell myself, slow down just a bit… she’ll hate that and pass me. I did, she did, and I was free once again to head to work.
I guess the moral of the story is don’t go to work… No wait, that’s a bad idea. So the moral is… drive like everyone else is not paying attention, because they are NOT!

Oh, and by-the-way the rest of the day was great!

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