Answer to question; Have you ever written or thought of writing a book?

I have written a book that is not quite finished. My working title is “How Not to Buy a House!” It is our adventures/mishaps/encounters in our 75-year-old house. The story begins during our first week in residence. Some eighteen years (and lots of stuff to write about) later, we are still in this dinosaur of a place, and things are still happening. I did put a small story on my blog one time… when I was feeling nostalgic. “Bats in the chimney, a ghost in the hall, giant spiders, and duct tape” was that title. I work on my book regularly, in between my actual business, my children, this house and what ever else life throws at us… I don’t sleep much, so night becomes my writing time. My book is written like a casual conversation between friends, sort of Erma Bombeck-ish. You know, a little serious, a little funny, and all true.
One day I hope to have it published. That is, when I move out of this house so the story can have an ending!

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