Books and Lightning don’t mix

Not only do I have a small business with a web site, but I am writing my book and so need my computer. Two weeks ago dear old Mother Nature decided to send a little lighting storm our way that has put quite a kink in my everyday activities. I didn’t know it at first, seemed like the usual thunder-boomer we get here in the Sunshine State in summertime…you know, raining sideways, thunder, lightning, the neighbors trees landing in my yard and no power for several hours typical. Unfortunately it was anything BUT typical. This lovely little display of natures fury fried my swimming pool’s pump, and my laptop, not to mention leaving me with an unusually large number of tree tops in my yard.
So now I have had to replace the pool pump ( and eliminate all the algae and frogs that took up residence in the week the pool was not in operation) and I am looking at having to buy a new computer as well. Yes, I am typing on a computer now… it is 15 years old and has no functions other than the ability to check my email accounts and do a little typing. It can’t download (too full) print (my printer is wireless and won’t communicate) or stream. So…All-in-all it was a pretty pricey storm and my book is on hold with the exception of the notes I make on paper. They say oil and water don’t mix and I guess that is true… but in the electronic age, Books and Lightning don’t either!

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