The Scoop on Argentium-Feature of the Month- September 2013

Each month I will be featuring a tool, item, person etc… that is part of my everyday life as a Wire Jewelry Artist. This  short article is the first of what I hope to be, many more informative posts. Thanks for reading.

Feature of the Month;

“If Silver is the new Gold… Argentium is the new Silver” (Argentium International)
Argentium is always purer than traditional sterling silver. It requires no coating to maintain its natural shine. Plating is prone to wear and tear and is commonly used on silver items . Argentium is the natural colour of pure silver through and through.
Argentium silver is low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to clean. It is resistant to tarnish. It does not contain nickel.
This is the purest, whitest and lowest-maintenance product in its class..Argentium silver alloys are nickel-free.
*Argentium will be exhibiting this September at. . .
Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in association with Legor Group – South East Asia from 6-10 Sept 13
Hong Kong Gems & Jewelry Fair 11-15 Sep 13
Asia World Expo
*Credit…Argentium International

Example of Argentium wire used in custom jewelry piece.

Example of Argentium wire used in custom jewelry piece.

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Getting to work, maybe…or… all the crazy things that happened on the highway this morning!

While driving my son to his job this morning we found ourselves behind a certain form of public transportation…you know the one, for senior citizens. My own mother rides this type of bus regularly. I had no sooner finished telling my son how unimpressed I had been in the past with the driving capabilities of said transportation engineers, when this particular public servant decided to defy the Pauli exclusion principle which states that ” no two particles can occupy the same quantum state”. In other words, he decided to pull over into the space I was driving in! So, a little laying on the horn ensued and he moved over. He rode the center line the rest of the way down the road until there happened to be a huge space and then, after smartly using a turn signal, changed lanes.
Oh were this my only near miss this lovely morning… After dropping my offspring at his place of employment, I turned back around through town and headed to my own. The sun is shining, I’m listening to one of my favorite Contemporary Christian stations on the radio and I notice the driver in front of me is going quite slowly. We eventually approach a stop light and when it turns green again she decides she wants to see what the car in front of her is doing and she simply pulls off the shoulder and looks! Wow! Back on the road and on her way up the highway she goes. Being a little unsure of this tactic, I go around her.
Thinking I am good to go, I continue singing along to the radio and driving down the road until I notice the car behind me. There is a young woman who must have three hands! She must! I say this because she is smoking a cigarette with one hand, talking on her phone with another and applying eye makeup with what must be a third. Well, she does finally throw the smoke out the window -yuck- so she is down to two functions (maybe the car is on auto pilot) . There she is talking, and applying all kinds of beauty products while driving…behind me! Yikes! A little quick thinking on my part and I tell myself, slow down just a bit… she’ll hate that and pass me. I did, she did, and I was free once again to head to work.
I guess the moral of the story is don’t go to work… No wait, that’s a bad idea. So the moral is… drive like everyone else is not paying attention, because they are NOT!

Oh, and by-the-way the rest of the day was great!

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Books and Lightning don’t mix

Not only do I have a small business with a web site, but I am writing my book and so need my computer. Two weeks ago dear old Mother Nature decided to send a little lighting storm our way that has put quite a kink in my everyday activities. I didn’t know it at first, seemed like the usual thunder-boomer we get here in the Sunshine State in summertime…you know, raining sideways, thunder, lightning, the neighbors trees landing in my yard and no power for several hours typical. Unfortunately it was anything BUT typical. This lovely little display of natures fury fried my swimming pool’s pump, and my laptop, not to mention leaving me with an unusually large number of tree tops in my yard.
So now I have had to replace the pool pump ( and eliminate all the algae and frogs that took up residence in the week the pool was not in operation) and I am looking at having to buy a new computer as well. Yes, I am typing on a computer now… it is 15 years old and has no functions other than the ability to check my email accounts and do a little typing. It can’t download (too full) print (my printer is wireless and won’t communicate) or stream. So…All-in-all it was a pretty pricey storm and my book is on hold with the exception of the notes I make on paper. They say oil and water don’t mix and I guess that is true… but in the electronic age, Books and Lightning don’t either!

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I am learning so much!

Checkerboard cut Lemon Quartz

Checkerboard cut Lemon Quartz

Through a pure stroke of luck ( Thank you Christina Rasmussen from Second Firsts) I am taking a two-week course for Transformational Writers. The event is created and hosted by Christine Kloser, author and inventor of the word “transformational writer”… I am learning how to be a better writer and how to publish my books once they are more than just my most recent idea. This is like school on super fast forward. Christine K. used a great description of this two-week session. She said ” It’s kind of like drinking from a fire hose”. I agree! Lots of information coming at me and my 50+ brain at hyper speed. It’s a lot, but I love it!
So, I’m learning about publishing, and promoting and about myself. This is a brand new world and a brand new lesson. Bring it on.

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A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

Natural pearls, Swarovski Crystals and Quartz with Suede cord and Argentium Sterling.
* Received Honorable Mention in Hilton H20 art show March 2013.

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Sorry, I just gotta go here…

My son plays Minecraft. I didn’t know until today that letting him use his interest in Architecture while gaming made me an unfit parent and a bad Christian… but… according to a post from that is exactly what I am, and more.

The poor, misguided gentleman who wrote the post, hand picks tidbits from the Bible about judgement and equates the lava in the game to hellfire and such.  He calls parents names and calls himself simple and Christian. All the while condemning anyone and everyone who dares even look at a game with building blocks, lava, and some creepy creatures (made of blocks).  He even tells people it makes “baby Jesus” cry when they play the game. So, because his forum does not allow one to post a response or offer an opinion. (No surprise there…) Here is the response I wrote him. Please indulge me.

Dear Sir;  I am a Christian and a I resent your negative portrayal of parents who have children that play Minecraft!  This is a game- nothing more, nothing less. What one chooses to do with it is their choice, as it is with anything in life. That does not make the game evil.

  Christ already died for our sins and I feel lead to pray for you and your sin of judgement-  Mathew 7  “Judge not lest you be judged”.  he did not come to threaten us with fear, but win us with His ultimate love and we won’t win others with fear either. We need to follow His loving example. He was not Hitler, He is Christ. John 14;27 My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Not as the world gives you. Let not your hearts be troubled- neither let them be afraid-

Name calling is no example of adult behavior, let alone Christian morality. Be an example. Love as He loves us and honor the One who is NO baby but is seated at the Right hand of the Most High. 

Peace be with You-         

Thanks for your indulgence… Just couldn’t let that one go unanswered when my son came in upset by what this man had to say. He enjoys the game, it challenges him, it has peaked an interest in Architecture and it is something he can lose himself in for a little while, especially when his is missing his late father… Love always works better than hate. If only we remembered that more often.

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Photo Challenge- Faces

This “Face” greeted me while I was out on my screened in porch. 

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