Another Opening, Another Show…

Tonight’s the night!  It’s a small gallery, but a big step for me… It’s my first forum outside my own little world. Up until now I have sold jewelry on my web store, at open houses (I booked and ran) I even sold it right off my self!  But, tonight I am in a retail setting that is totally new to me. I am excited and a little nervous, although I have sold a piece already! How I wish my husband were here to share this with me. He would be so pumped.  As a salesman he understood this world of retail much better than I,  and with his personality and charm, handled it with ease.  This one’s for you dear…

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Weekly Photo Challenge Flowers

Cannas in my back yard. Right after a morning shower.


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Write a story in just six words.

My life is one big change.

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Weekly Photo Challenge Entrance

Hotel Balconies

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Weekly Photo Challenge- SKY

What Don sees everyday

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So the world doesn’t just stop because I’m sick!

I learned a long time ago that the world does not revolve around me, however; I believe it could at least have the decency to stop spinning long enough for me to recover from a nasty bout of Bronchitis!

Ok, I know I’m not being realistic, but I am so far behind on everything that I wish it was so. I have had this stupid bronchial infection for a month. No pill can cure it, no amount of rest is enough, nothing can speed up the process. It just takes time and that is something I have no patience for.  Oh, I can do some chores, make some jewelry, run some errands and then the coughing starts. I sound as if I am being strangled by the invisible man! So then I rest- like some infirm old lady, too pooped to do anything else. So my to-do list is getting longer, my patience is getting shorter and there is very little I can do about it but rant in my blog.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I am going to the beach for a few days. Yes, that will put me even more behind on my “stuff” but after basking in the sun, walking in the surf, hunting for shells and sipping something frozen… I might not even care anymore. Let’s hear it for vacation! Look out Bronchitis… I’m replacing you with vacation fever and I hope I am never cured.

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Throwing a somewhat belated, End of the World, party!

*With no disrespect, whatsoever, to anyone’s beliefs. Being a Christian myself, I look forward to the second coming but realize, like so many other things, I don’t know enough about God’s plans to pick a date. I’ll just wait in awe, with everyone else.

 So, about the party. Back when the announcement came about the date of the end of the world being decided, I figured… what the heck, time for me to have my first (and maybe last) party since my husband passed away. We always had parties. We had parties with our friends or for one of our three kids and their friends, sometimes they were impromptu. Any occasion was a good reason to my hubby for a party. He loved people, he loved to entertain, and thankfully, he loved to cook. He always had something up his sleeve to try out on our guests. We had a blast!  It’s just another one of those “things” that have changed in our lives since Dec 15, 2009.  I figured it was some kind of sign to step ever so slightly back into the world of entertaining guests.   I told our “neighborhood gang” that the party was on. Everyone set the date in calendars and I was off planning.

  Then the guy who decided when the world was to end… Changed the date!!!  Well, being a bit of a control  freak, I decided then and there that I was NOT changing the date for my end of the world party!  Not me… I had it in my calendar, I had a jewelry show on his new date- that I was not willing to postpone, and I didn’t like the idea that after all this time and hype- all of a sudden a new date was selected. So my party stayed on the original date of May 27 2011.

Now, for my end of the world party, I will be serving the Paella that I have been gathering ingredients for all day. It will include chicken,pork, chorizo, shrimp, and muscles. I have also made a beautiful batch of White Sangria. Included in it, is lots of Brandy, oranges, lemons and limes. Oh, and good wine to hold it all together.  Can’t wait. If the world would end tomorrow night, I’m going out happy. I’ll be with my family and my friends- eating seafood Paella and drinking White Sangria.  If ya gotta go… Go your way!  See you  on the other side!

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