Sorry, I just gotta go here…

My son plays Minecraft. I didn’t know until today that letting him use his interest in Architecture while gaming made me an unfit parent and a bad Christian… but… according to a post from that is exactly what I am, and more.

The poor, misguided gentleman who wrote the post, hand picks tidbits from the Bible about judgement and equates the lava in the game to hellfire and such.  He calls parents names and calls himself simple and Christian. All the while condemning anyone and everyone who dares even look at a game with building blocks, lava, and some creepy creatures (made of blocks).  He even tells people it makes “baby Jesus” cry when they play the game. So, because his forum does not allow one to post a response or offer an opinion. (No surprise there…) Here is the response I wrote him. Please indulge me.

Dear Sir;  I am a Christian and a I resent your negative portrayal of parents who have children that play Minecraft!  This is a game- nothing more, nothing less. What one chooses to do with it is their choice, as it is with anything in life. That does not make the game evil.

  Christ already died for our sins and I feel lead to pray for you and your sin of judgement-  Mathew 7  “Judge not lest you be judged”.  he did not come to threaten us with fear, but win us with His ultimate love and we won’t win others with fear either. We need to follow His loving example. He was not Hitler, He is Christ. John 14;27 My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Not as the world gives you. Let not your hearts be troubled- neither let them be afraid-

Name calling is no example of adult behavior, let alone Christian morality. Be an example. Love as He loves us and honor the One who is NO baby but is seated at the Right hand of the Most High. 

Peace be with You-         

Thanks for your indulgence… Just couldn’t let that one go unanswered when my son came in upset by what this man had to say. He enjoys the game, it challenges him, it has peaked an interest in Architecture and it is something he can lose himself in for a little while, especially when his is missing his late father… Love always works better than hate. If only we remembered that more often.

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