Lucid Dreaming

 I often control what happens in my dreams. If it’s something is scary, I make myself wake up, if it is pleasant, I try to participate… stuff like that. But, if I could actually “script” my dream tonight, I know exactly what I would want. I would want to spend the whole night talking with my husband. You see, I lost him 15 months ago when he was just forty-six. We were best friends and one of the things I miss most is our conversations. We would talk about anything and everything. Sometimes , even now, when something interesting happens, or things with the kids are stressful, or even when I want to pick a new paint I think “I’ll ask Don” and then I remember I can’t. Twenty five years of sharing everything with the same person is a hard habit to break. Don’t know if I ever really will. But, if I could script my dream tonight, we would sit together on our porch, or in the pool, and catch up on everything. Guess I’ll have to wait until we are together in heaven for that, but boy will we have some catching up to do then!

What Don sees everyday

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