“Crawling?” You tell me…

Monday is here…again. Didn’t we just do this last week? 

  Well blogging and I are becoming acquainted. Now, on to phase two. Learning all the new termanology that comes with it! A friend asked the other day, how things were going with the blog… I answered “I love it!  But it’s like learning a new language!”  You know what? I am learning a new language.  Or at least a new way to use the language I already know.  I have a Dashboard…I always thought that was in my car, but then I don’t know car language very well either. I Post Tags… again, since I mail my jewelry frequently, I’m thinkin’ Post-office, Post-age. Feedback… now I know what you’re thinking. Everyone gets “Feedback” of some sort. But, when it comes to electronics I’m getting more a picture of Fender guitars, a tiny stage and cheap microphones. I guess that dates me huh? 

 Then come ideas like “monetizing” your web site. Sounds great!  Post ads, make money per click, or something like that. So, I go on one of the more well known (and definitely legitimate) PPC sites. BTW, that means Pay Per Click. Hah!  See I can be taught!  Anyway, I follow the directions to have the ads “crawl” to my pages and … and … and… NOTHING!  OK, I’m new at this, I’ll try again. Enter info, copy, paste, wait… so easy-the site states.  Again, no ad, nada, zilch, zip, nothing. So, being the true artist that I am, I QUIT! Needless to say this is where I could use some serious help. Any takers?

  So I’m no computer wiz, yet. OK, I’ll admit it. But, I am willing to learn, even if it all sounds Greek to me.  I will wager that someone who is as good at computers- as I am at creating jewelry, might have the same difficulties learning a Jewelry Artist’s language. Try learning about Pulls, Boxes, Carats vs Karats, the Moh’s scale, how to use a torch in the house, and how many kinds of Jasper are there really? See? It’s all in what you know. So I’ll share a little knowledge with you through my blog, if someone can please help me learn this new language. The language of the present and future,the language of advertising and web sites, and for pities sake… how the heck to get something to “crawl”!   Won’t you tell me?

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