Lights, camera, action! I made a light box!

  Now you know since BR-Adornments is a small company I have to be particularly careful how our income is spent. So, to that end, I have been doing our jewelry photography. Normally I am a pretty good photographer. I like to shoot mostly nature scenes, stuff like that. I haven’t done much jewelry until now. So, thinking I could do Pendants as well as I do Pansies, I started photographing all of BR’s inventory. Come to find out it’s harder than it looks! Jewelry shines, gemstones sparkle and reflect, sterling looks like gold on camera, and a whole plethora of other anomalies occur. Not being satisfied with my work             (I’m told artists of any type rarely are satisfied) I went in search of a solution.                                        

  The on-line search produced two little words that have made a big difference…              Light Box.    Wasn’t sure exactly what a photo light box consisted of. I remember from Art school having a light table, but it was used as a light source. Don’t remember much else about the table…Isn’t old age grand? So- Let’s figure out where to get one. Back to the Internet to look them up and -Oh No!!! They’re expensive! The idea of having the light box was to have a home studio for taking my own pictures and Saving money… My next thought, “can I make one?” Sure enough, there on those cyber pages, were thousands of ideas on how to make a light box.  I checked out a few of them. Most seemed  to make things way more complicated that necessary so I came up with my own version. After a trip to the fabric/craft store, I put together (with velcro of course) my sheer fabric, my frosted storage crate and a couple of clip on lights I already owned  and  Voila!                            

  I now am the proud owner of one Light Box.  I wanted to show you a sample picture taken in said box, however, there is some sort of glitch in Word Press this evening and my photo won’t transfer over. A slice of it is on the top of this blog post. Guess that will have to do 🙂  Will post it on FB!   Have a good One! 

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