What! You lost it?!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… No, wait, wrong story. Sorry

So… I made some rings…It was fun… I made an ugly one…

You get the idea. Then I decided to take one of my new creations out for a spin. I went shopping! There I am, feeling pretty good about my newly found ring making talents, sitting in a store while my sister tries on clothes. “What a nice ring!” I think to myself. Just love the way the Fire Opal sparkles against the braided gold wires. Pat, pat, pat.  I think my back really enjoyed that. We pay, go to the car, and realize how hot it has gotten. Having lived in Florida a long time, I’m used to the whole layers thing, so off comes a layer. Toss it into my back seat (I have a two door so lots of stuff ends up just tossed back there) and off we go down the road to our next destination.

Well, everything went fine all morning. We shopped, laughed, complained about this and that, shopped some more, and then went back to my house. We are basking in our morning’s accomplishments when I look down at my ring and see…. A bare finger!!!

“What?” My sister exclaimes,”You lost it?!” Certain that it came off in the department store parking lot, she wondered would we ever see my one-day-old ring again. I called both stores to leave a number just in case some lovely soul decided to turn in my beautiful ring when they found it. Then I started searching everywhere I was sure the ring was not!

Not in my sweater sleeve, or pocket. Not on the floorboard of my car (although I did find a couple of things I’d been missing). Not in the bathroom, my workroom, livingroom, then back to the car once again, just to be sure… and no ring.

Don’t panic, (breath, breath, long breath). Prioritize.    It’s not the end of the world. Having been widowed at the age of 49 I KNOW what the end of the world is like. So Que Sera, Sera. Hope whoever finds my ring appreciates it.

By now my sister has gone home, and it’s time for me to go get my son from school. I walk out my door, down the front steps and along the winding sidewalk and what should catch my eye?

There, sparkling in the sun, as if it had been waiting for me to notice it- was my ring! How it was there and I didn’t see it the nine thousand times I went to my car to re-check, I’ll never know! But right now it is sparkling on my finger, and I am one happy camper.(I mean Jeweler)     And I DO appreciate my ring.

Fire Opal ring- Home again!

*Note to self… Remember to always be nice to the store clerks like you were today. If you had thrown a fit over loosing your ring and complained about the fact that  stores have very poor “Lost and found” departments – You would be eating some serious humble pie right about now…

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