Pay attention – or it might be ugly!

  Ok,  today I set forth to make wearable rings. I  made some yesterday that turned out fine so I figured today would be not different. Not so.

  My first mistake was thinking I had enough experience making rings to show my sister how. What’s the old adage… Those who cannot do, Teach? Well that’s how I felt after making a ring in front of her that looked as if it had beamed up on a defective transporter from the Star Trek series! Some how I turned left instead of right, or went up instead of down, something like that. So I am now the not so proud owner of one UGLY ring.

  Not to be beaten by an inanimate object (although it has happened before) I cut more metal and tried again. This time I did not show Rebecca anything I was doing until after the ring was done. Good idea. It turned out great! I put it in my light box, shot some pics, along with taking pics of everything else I’d created this week, and here it is… Ta Da!

Wrap ring

Can’t wait ’til tomorrow- I have a metal order coming! Between sales and classes I am low on wire…  That’s a “wrap!” Barbara

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