Rings, rings, and more rings!

Guess what?! I can’t sleep!

  I took a class this week to learn  some new techniques for rings.  The teacher is a wonderful wire artist named Linda, whom I met while taking a Master course from Dale “Cougar” Armstrong.   She is such a great teacher that now everything I learned from her is buzzing around in my head and re-formulating into new designs!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I am inspired… It’s just that I could use a couple of hours sleep too.   

The class was on one ring design only. At the end she gave us an idea for a variation and showed us a simple adjustable ring design too. Since then I have made rings in her design exactly, used her variation, made it in mixed metals, tried different shaped stones, and even scrapped the bead gemstone idea altogether an worked in a faceted gemstone in a snap set. Then I made another ring we didn’t even learn, I just backward engineered one I saw her wearing…To top it all off, I taught my Sister/Business Partner how to make one of the ring patterns !  See? No sleep.  

Anyway, inspiration is never a bad thing. Even when it means bags under the eyes tomorrow. Isn’t that what caffeine is for?   I think I still have one finger left that doesn’t have a ring so, off to the bench!   🙂

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