Bats in the Chimney, a Ghost in in the hall, Giant Spiders and DuctTape!

Bats in the Chimney, a Ghost in the hall, Giant Spiders, and Duct Tape!

One would think these things have little in common, but they do, they really do. I will try to explain, although it will take a while …

  Once upon a time… A nice couple and their young children bought an old historic home, fixed it up and lived there happily ever after! The End—NOT!

  Well, it was a nice idea anyway. The truth is… well, the truth is just too weird for words, but I am going to try to tell you of our adventures… or… How NOT to buy a house!

We found the house in the want ad section of the local newspaper. Dumb, dumb,dumb. We called, made an appointment to see the house. We were both really excited. We had a sort of tingly feeling about this house.(We’d been looking for a while with no success.) Had we only known that the tingling was really our natural sense of self-preservation warning us to run!

When we arrived we were surprised to see a house that looked nothing like the newspaper ad described. Boy was it ugly, dark blue, too dark- and old paint. And no grass-NO grass, and so many vehicles in the “driveway” it looked like a used car lot. To top it off, as we were entering the house,we were a little more than a little surprised to see one of the owners just getting out of the shower! Why we didn’t run then I will never know. I guess love is blind. In our case it was stupid too- we bought it!

*Next time- How to fix absolutely everything…with Duct tape.

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