Saturday for Jewelers

Ocean's Bounty Pendant

Ocean’s Bounty Pendant

I can’t believe it’s Saturday, February 5th!  Time doesn’t fly….it ZOOMS!  This week I have been one busy wire artist.  Between the storms in the North (sorry guys, stay safe and warm up there) and the price of precious metals flying off the charts, it is hard to get supplies without risking snow, or checkbook corinary!

Been working on my new spring line. I think it is designing me and not the other way around. I started out with gemstones and cabs to wrap and instead, got into my extensive backstock of seashells, pearls, and “beachy” looking gems. Now everything’s coming up seaside!  (Pardon the obvious change of lyric)  Made a huge piece with a filled shell focal (pearly white) and Frangia shell sticks (bronze), accented with crystals and a 1 ct sky blue Topaz. Named it Ocean’s Bounty…I can’t seem to sleep for the parade of ideas marching through my head. Now, if only my metal order will get here before the muse leaves me.

Has anyone used non-tarnish Copper? I found some on a site I order from frequently, so I am going to try it out today. I was leary about Copper as it turns most people green. Evidently not the case with this. I’ll let you know, I’m in the workroom now and the beach is calling.  Have a creative day!

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