Hello world!

It’s 12:40 AM and tonight is the first entry to my new blog. I write sheets and sheets on paper , but this will be my first electronic experience. 

 I’m 50, arhhhhh! Just seeing that in print freaks me out! Wasn’t I 23 just yesterday? Well anyway, I am a wire jewelry artist- with my own small business. BR-Adornments. I work in gold, silver and gemstones in every way I can think of from wire wraping to casting orfabricating to steampunk on occasion.

Recently, after 23 years of marriage, I was widowed. So life has lots of new things for me to adust to.  I never shied away from a challenge before so… We have thee kids, all teens and up.  AND we live in a haunted house.  No, really. For the past 18 years. So, I guess I will have lots to blog about!

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